Upcoming Performances

I've considered live-streaming the impromptu rattle-shaking, cup-banging, and (extreme beginner) ukulele performances that my family and I create in our living room, but I don't know how engaging that would be for audiences...


Given the restrictions of the current pandemic situation, live, public performance is not recommended. I am presently working on assembling small video projects with members of the Davidson College Symphony Orchestra as we explore creative ways to continue making and sharing music.


Our fall 2020 semester involves rehearsing in multiple chamber groups - some inside, some outside, and some online. We are being extra careful about precautions, adding extra feet to the recommended social distancing guidelines, while also using special masks and bell covers for woodwind and brass players so that all of our musicians are masked 100% of the time. In fact, our wind players will never rehearse indoors together. Each chamber group only rehearses for 30 minutes at a time to minimize exposure to aerosols, so that has greatly reduced the amount of repertoire we can work on at any given time! Regardless, the Davidson students are committed to making music together, whether big or small, and I will post links to our projects as they are completed!

This is an incredibly difficult time for all performing artists right now, so be sure to support them as much as you can! Many organizations are still offering engaging, online programs and livestreams, so it's worth investing some time checking them out.

Please stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and stay home when you can, so that we can get back to LIVE MUSIC-MAKING as soon as possible! -Tara